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Justyn Farano with his Tom Brady and Derek Jeter works of art

Sports Art Illustrated Added to the Roster

Charity Hop partners with acclaimed artist Justyn Farano

Charity Hop has announced a formal partnership with sports and entertainment artist Justyn Farano and his company, Sports Art Illustrated. Farano, born and raised in Florida, is an extraordinary young talent and considered one of the premier up and coming sports artists in the world today.

Charity Hop will work with Sports Art Illustrated on a variety of projects and endeavors in an effort to further the brand and cement Farano's status as one of the best in the business. Furthermore, Charity Hop will assist Sports Art Illustrated in raising funds through player charities through the sale of his artwork.

From Farano's original oil paintings, limited edition canvas prints are created, signed and numbered by Farano, and then autographed by the athlete or entertainer. His art has been purchased and hung in stadiums, at both client's and fans homes, and by collector's worldwide. Sports Art Illustrated is also beginning to license Farano's amazing images through a number of consumer and retail channels.

About the Artist

Farano's passion for sports and art stems back to an early childhood, playing baseball and drawing sports figures for as long as he could remember. Born in Fort Myers, FL in 1979, Farano began oil painting at the age of 13. Heavily influenced by artist Stephen Holland, Farano has refined his painting technique over the years. Farano studied drawing and painting at the University of Tampa and graduated in 2002.

Although known for his rich vibrant colors and contrast, Farano is not your typical traditional sports artist, painting from a scene. Generally Farano creates a concept and conveys a story within each painting, a combination of realism and fresh inventive backgrounds. His unique approach and meticulous attention to detail has recently caught strong attention within the NFL, MLB, and art communities. Farano's work captivates us with his originality, powerful emotion, and graceful brush strokes. From the World Series to charitable dinners and auctions, Farano has painted live at numerous venues in front of large audiences.

To see a range of Justyn's pieces please visit For more information on purchasing art or working with Sports Art Illustrated please feel free to Contact Us.

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